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The Grace De Bloom Boutique 

Jewelry has evolved over thousands of years, growing more symbolic, intricate, and beautiful in design.  From feathers and colored pebbles, to gems and precious metals – each piece symbolizing identity, courage, virtue, privilege, hope, beauty, mysticism, and commitment.

Each piece envisioned and born into being by Grace De Bloom is handcrafted and unique,

capturing chic romanticism in exquisite craftsmanship and imagination.

The creation of heirloom quality jewelry will last for generations.

Having the foresight in knowing that a symbiotic relationship exists between each piece and its adorner, Grace De Bloom’s jewelry is designed to dynamically reflect and accentuate the varying beauty

of their owner, allowing both to share their subtle radiance with each other, their setting,

and those that are satiated by their expression. 

Whether it is your every day or your wedding day - every second of every day should be cherished

and our pieces exist to capture this. We translate one's dream into the perfect keepsake

to treasure FOREVER. 

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